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  • How to distinguish the XPS quality good or bad?

    The full name of the extruded panel is polystyrene plastic foam board.Because of the perfect closed-cell honeycomb structure, extruded panel has excellent performance in heat preservation, water absorption, compressive strength, life and other properties, and is widely used in construction and other industries. There are many application fields of extruded sheet, and different fields require different performance parameters of extruded sheet. Since it is building thermal insulation material, it is important to play the role of thermal insulation and heat insulation in different building environments. SO, what kind of Extrusion board can be called good extrusion board? Now UFH shares some tips. Chapter 1 Identifying the Good and the Bad I. Look at the colour and smell *Look at the color The color of 100% new material extrusion board should be white. The color of extruded sheets on the market is due to the addition of color masterbatches. Generally speaking, the more positive the color, the darker the color of the inferior Extrusion board is. *Smell The Extrusion board was broken and smelled close to the nose. After a period of air displacement (gas and air displacement in the bubble), the good extruded board is basically tasteless after being broken. Influenced by whether the raw material is recycled material and whether other additives are environmentally friendly, the taste of inferior extruded panels is often very pungent. 2. See the Pressing Effect The extruded board has higher requirements for compressive strength in the fields of thermal insulation, basement maintenance, roadbed thermal insulation, airport ground thermal insulation and so on. The compression resistance of special extruded panel for floor heating is more than 200 KPA. XPS for highway needs to be above X250 and W300 standards. In roofing and wall insulation, compression requirements are relatively lower. Therefore, the compressive strength of extruded panels should be examined according to their use. 3. Look at the Combustion Performance The Extrusion board is mainly divided into B1, B2, B3. Flame retardant Extrusion board is a kind of flame retardant added in the production of extrusion board. 4. Looking at Brands   Chapter II Quality Influencing Factors I. Raw Materials Raw material is a key factor in the performance of extruded sheet. The extruded board is made of polystyrene resin. Raw materials are also graded, such as brand-new materials, white materials, benzene conversion materials, tea materials, primary recycling materials, secondary recycling materials, multiple recycling materials, etc. Although reuse can realize the recycling of resources, the building materials produced are not qualified. 1>. Plastics other than polystyrene are commonly used in recycled materials. High temperature processing will release dioxins, hydrogen chloride, chlorine and other harmful substances. 2>. The material properties of recycled materials are unstable, which leads to poor performance and short life of finished products. II. Structure The secret of extruded sheet is continuous uniform surface and nearly perfect closed-cell cellular structure. The more uniform and delicate the cell is, the better. The closed-hole structure makes the extruded board have excellent heat preservation effect, and it does not absorb water. The long-term heat preservation effect is also excellent. A good thermal conductivity of the extruded sheet can reach 0.026W/(m.K), and the water absorption rate is less than 1%.

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  • What are the advantages of underfloor heating?

    1. Thermal comfort meets the physiological requirements of the human body, with cool foot temperature and gradual drop in temperature along the height direction; and the indoor environment is hygienic. 2. The thermal stability of the ground and concrete layers is good, and the indoor temperature changes slowly under the condition of interstitial heating. 3. When the plastic pipe is embedded in the concrete on the ground, if it is not destroyed artificially, its service life can be more than 50 years without corrosion and scaling, and its service life is long. 4. The floor heating system can utilize the waste water of other systems, and the heat loss in low temperature heat medium transmission is small. 5. Save indoor space and increase indoor area by 2-3%.

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