XPS tile backer board

XPS tile backer board

Bath room and underfloor heating

  • Model: 6~120mm XPS tile backer

The Tile Backer Board is made of XPS core,fiberglass reinforced and cement coating gives the panels strength and vapor-retardant,it is perfect choice for a variety of interior and exterior application,such as the interlayer to walls or floors and thermal insulation board in underfloor heating systems.

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*Moisture and rot proof 

*Exceptional Stability 

*High thermal insulation

*Light weight and workable 

*Replace wet finishes 

*Easy-cutting and convenient to install


Used as a watertight layer on walls and floors in houses, hotels and other wet areas such as bathroom, shower room. And other places to be insulated and waterproofed.

1. As a watertight layer on walls and floors in wet rooms and bathrooms.

2. As an insulation layer under floor heating to avoid heat loss.

3. As partition walls in wood or steel frames.

4.As Substitute for gypsum board and fiber cement board; insulation and  waterproof;

 It is lighter so it is very easy to install.

5. As enclosures for bathtubs, water pipes, etc.

6.It can be very easy and fast formed to be small shelves, washbasins, shower benches and soap boxes.

7. Combining with  curved/shapeable boards, kinds of decorative models can be made with your infinite creativity.

* Xps foam board:250Kpa or more 

* Thermal Conductivity: 0.023 W/m.K 

* Flexural Strength:0.30 ± 0.02 Mpa 

* Water Absorption (2-day immersion): 0.2% by volume 

* Water Absorption (Capillary):Zero 

* Water Vapour Diffusion Resistivity (µ): 110 - 225 µ 

* Water Vapour Permeability: 0.028 ng/Pa.m.s 

* Maximum Tile Loading Weight: 62kg/m2 

* Flammability:B1/B2/B3 

* Impact Sound Reduction: dLw = 21 

* EU controlled substances:None

1 computer mainframe

1 pieces of power adapter

1 pieces of display

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